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planing the boot sole on a joiner




some of the components of a total custom solution: external riser plates; the all-important footbed; a custom inner boot.  


How much
do BOOTech's "Smarter Ski Boots" cost?

Pricing can vary widely depending on the extent of your needs. Assuming your existing ski boots are in good condition and well suited for your morphology pricing is as follows:

Full Assessment
Comprehensive evaluation of lower kinetic chain bio-mechanics,utilizing digital pressure analysis, ROM, and determine optimal alignment, basic boot set-up, product selection,etc. Generally a one-time fee, information retained for subsequent visits.

Sole Planing
Small corrections less than 1 degree that can be done with no build-up
$35.00 per boot
Corrections of more than 1 degree that require compensating build-up
$160.00 a pair.

3mm, 5mm, 7mm, and 8mm lifter plates
$125.00 per pair

Cant and Lift
Plane both soles and lift (this is the optimum way to go)
$160.00 per pair

Custom orthotics
Conform'able insoles built to your specific needs. Will generally outlast 2-3 pairs of boots.
Bootech Snow & Bootech Race
Bootech Sport $250.00

Custom Liners
Conform'able foam-injected liners provide a level of control and precision of fit unmatched anywhere.
Sidas Thermo-molded liner $220.00

Someone who purchases our full range of services Assessment, Orthotics, and has their boots canted and lifted would spend $410.00. To put this into context you need to keep in mind the value and the immediate impact on your skiing that this technology can provide.

If you are someone who is facing significant alignment issues no amount of ski lessons or practice can get you to the next step. The most effective way to change the way you ski is by changing the way you stand on your skis.

Smarter ski boots aren’t just comfortable, they truly “fit” your whole body and your potential for movement. They really can produce the change you’ve been looking for in your skiing.

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