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These letters tell a personal story of the way accurate boot alignment can, quite literally, change a skier's life.

Whether a racer, searching for the extra hundredths of a second that equal victory; an instructor looking for more poise on skis; or average skiers who were able to break through to another, higher level of skiing performance - as a result of accurate boot alignment.…

This could be your story too.


True stories
of ski-boot alignment & the difference it makes...

"Dear Jim,
I just wanted to put in writing what I have already told you more than once - your amazing boot-alignment skills have made all the difference for me and my students. I'm very proud of my Breakthrough on Skis weeks here at Aspen, and the fact that they work so well is a tribute to the remarkable dedication and commitment of my students. But I have to say that, no matter how well my pros and I teach, no matter how hard my studnets practice, many of them would never have made that breakthrough if you hadn't been able to solve their alignment issues first.
I grow more convinced every season, that if one wants to ski like an expert, the first step is to stand and balance like an expert. Your boot alignment and boot integration work has permitted dozens, maybe hundreds of my students in recent years to do just that - stand and balance over their skis like experts. Relaxed, poised, stable and steady, and ready to move in the most efficeint way possible.
Thanks again for having opened so many doors for so many skiers."
Lito Tejada-Flores
Breakthough on Skis / Aspen

"Dear Jim,
All I can say is "WOW!" about the footbed and boot work that you have done for me this season. I rely so much on what happens inside of the boot with all of the muscles in the foot and lower leg, and your work really opens up the door for me to use all of those muscles effectively and efficiently.There is so much to be said for putting a person in better balance, and that better balance really opens the door for a skier to make movements when and where it is necessary. Your boot work really puts people in a more balanced position naturally! Who wouldn't want to start out balanced and aligned?! Thank you so much for your dedication to this sport of skiing!
Megan Harvey
PSIA National Alpine Team
Ski Pro with the Ski & Snowboard Schools of Aspen
Thank you for the great job. The difference was noticable the moment I stepped off the chairlift. I would reccomend your service to all my students even though I'm in Hunter Mtn. NY. They might enjoy skiing Aspen after visiting you. My skiing now is effortless. I could ski fast before but now its ZOOM, ZOOM, ZOOM!!!!!!!! This service is a must for anyone who wants to get the most out of their skiing.
Marc Plotnick
Hi Jim,
John Connell here.
The results of the work you did on my boots were amazing -- I am better balanced; I am no longer sitting back; I carve better; my feet don't hurt; skiing is easier and less physically demanding; and I can put some of Lito's more advanced techniques to work with aplomb. You are a miracle man! Count me among your fans.
I am a long time member of the Over The Hill Gang and was on a trip with the Chicago Chapter in Snowmass when I visited you February 11. They have a monthly newsletter. I have submitted …[a story on your boot alignment work]… for publication, perhaps with some editing, in the next issue which will be printed next week and distributed far and wide
Again, many thanks.
I was in to see you on Friday, March 22 and you made me an orthotic for a new pair of Dolomite boots we got from the shop around the corner. Well, I just wanted to let you know how well the boots fit and how much of a difference I perceived during my brief trip to Snowmass. After getting fitted, I tried the boots out that afternoon on a pair of Head demo skis and felt more stability and control than ever before. I am truly an eager intermediate and a student of Lito's techniques---with your boot/help and Lito's tips, I soon found myself cruising down the "black diamond" slope "the Edge" at Snowmass on a pair of 169 skis-I had never tried anything longer than 160-and had a ball. I can't wait to come back out to Aspen.
Thanks again.
Ira Deiches
Thanks again, for your expert analysis and adjustments. The difference the small adjustments made to my balance on the skis, and my edging ability, was incredible. Thanks to Lito for introducing you and your services at last year's Breakthrough session. My only regret is that it took a full year for me to finally benefit from the analysis and adjustments. If there is anything I can do to help promote your business, don't hesitate to ask!
A very satisfied customer,
Dana B. Smith
DBS Consulting
1232 S. Main St.
Findlay, Ohio 45840
Hi Jim,
I went out skiing yesterday, and what incredible experience, I have never felt better on my skis. For once I can tip and turn both skis at the same time, and get both skis carving, right and left.
WOW. Thanks
John J. Glendening
Sorry for the delay in letting you know how things worked out; I misplaced your card.
After the Wed. evening fitting you did for me (Dec. 18), the next two days in Lito's course were by far my best. The relief to my knees was wonderful, and since I was far less fatigued from previously trying to compensate for the imbalance (my left side is still the dominant side!),
my afternoon skiing not only did not suffer, I actually felt stronger in the afternoon.
Anyway, thanks again, and like others have been singing your praises.
Bob Becker
Hello Jim
Thought I would let you know how we found our new boots that you fitted for us.
First, comfort. Both of us found our boots extremely comfortable, right from the start. It was a hot day, on the last day of our holiday, but I found no problems with my right foot swelling, due to an arthritic condition. This means you got the fit just right for me, snug but not tight.
As to skiing, we both felt more in control and Brenda particularly commented on how the boots held her forward, she had a tendency to lean back in the old rear entries. It was not a good day for skiing, we are not happy on really soft, slushy snow. Also, I was using a brace on my left knee, following a previous fall: it did make time for us to come and see you though, and hopefully the fall will turn out to be a blessing in disguise. So, the real test in how much the new boots will aid our performance will have to wait for next season. However, I feel really confident.
It was good to buy through you in another way. Brenda, like most ladies dislikes the discomforts in skiing... I'm sure I would have had to put up with a lot more moans and groans following a conventional sale, ("hit or miss fitting") if she had to suffer discomfort, trying to wear in ill-fitting boots. I can just imagine the time I would have had, after getting her to give her "carpet slipper" old boots to the thrift shop!
Another thing, that possibly not a lot of folks say, is that we found the fitting process interesting and enjoyable. Doing the two of us together, allowed each of us to see the difference before and after alignment, of the other person. Yes! you can see it on yourself also, but it is even more clear sitting back and viewing from further back.
Thanks again, and we will call and see you next time we ski Aspen.
Hey Jim.
Just wanted to say thanks again for getting me set in my boots. it was a
pleasure to ski without having to think constantly about how much my feet/legs hurt. Thanks also for the info on the mtb tours you run in the summer. hopefully Thomas & I will be able to catch up with you to ride when we're in Colorado this summer.
Cheers!  Rebecca
Rebecca T. Leeb, Ph.D.
Epidemiologist, Etiology & Surveillance Branch
Division of Violence Prevention
NCIPC, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
4770 Buford Hwy., NE
Mailstop K60
Atlanta, GA 30341
Dear Jim...I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the incredible job you did for me last weekend with my boot fitting and alignment needs. You are a true professional and your help with choosing a boot and then the alignment process has improved my skiing abilities tremendously. For the first time in my life, I was able to keep my boots buckled the entire ski day, including riding the lifts. I felt I was totally in snyc with my skis/boots and snow. My regular ski buddies remarked how I was skiing better than I ever had before and seemed in perfect position on the snow. Thanks again and I hope to ski with you again soon. Right You Are, when you say the first step to better skiing is standing in your boots correctly.
Cliff Deutsch
Park City, Utah
I met with you at the PSIA National Academy. My boots feel really great
and I believe my skiing has changed as a result of the work you did on my
boots. I was wondering if you could tell me how many degrees (if that the proper term) you canted/lifted my boots.
Kathleen Laughlin
Hi Jim
The boots and set up worked wonders just as advertised! Had a irritation on the first day but went away by the third day. They just got better with four days of skiing at Beaver Creek. Thanks for the service and personable
delivery. I very much enjoyed the 90 minutes with you. My wife asked me where the new car was when I told her how much money I spent!…
Hi Jim,
Just a brief note to tell you how much I enjoyed meeting you in February when you adjusted my boots. Dr. Robert Dehne did remember meeting you and we both think that you are the smart one working in a ski resort while we are here in New Orleans. I will be attending an orthopaedic foot and ankle course with Dr. Dehne this coming weekend in Charlotte, NC. I'm sure you are about ready for vacation about now. I have told a few of my patients about you and hopefully, they will find their way next year.Again, thanks so much for your time and careful attention. It was a pleasure meeting you.
Gini Davis
Physical Therapist
New Orleans, LA
Subject: Spectacular results

Dear Jim,
I'm sorry for the delay in writing. I didn't have internet access while in
Summit County. You fitted me with a pair of Tecnica boots on Friday, January 3. I was extremely pleased with the entire process. Perhaps even more importantly the results were spectacular. The combination of the new boots plus a pair of Rossignol Bandit X skis and Marker 1200 piston bindings wasspectacular. While everything worked well from the first run, it actually took a couple of days to actually achieve something of the full potential. Even my friends noticed the improvement in my skiing. One of them actually made the comment "You know how we aways comment from the chair lift when a really good skier goes by? Well that's what you look like now."
Thanks again for all the help
Phil Scuderi

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